Fulfilling the dream not dreamed of

Grateful. In Awe. Amazed. Appreciative. Loved. Repeat. Over, and over, and over. Indefinitely. And that does not begin to scratch the surface of all the emotions I continue to process. I actually went to Israel.  Wow.  Add “incredulous” to that list of emotions. 🙂  This was not something I dreamed of, or even ever thoughtContinue reading “Fulfilling the dream not dreamed of”

Mom…Dancing through life and loving Jesus

We were vastly different in personality, she and I. I am introverted, studious, serious-minded, and a deep thinker. I struggle to be comfortable in what would be considered by many to be “normal” day-to-day life situations. I move slowly and methodically, taking in every detail. No grace here – more like slowly plodding through life.Continue reading “Mom…Dancing through life and loving Jesus”