He Chose. I Choose. A Journey of the Heart

Come with me on a journey of the heart. As a child, I loved to pretend to be someone else, somewhere else, doing something else.  And as an adult, I still love to imagine, but with a different goal.  I find that imagining sometimes helps me understand and relate better.  So come, take a littleContinue reading “He Chose. I Choose. A Journey of the Heart”

Believing lies. Knowing Truth.

Believing the lies today. Know the truth.  Doesn’t matter. Believing the lies anyway. They are swirling all around me in a feeding frenzy. Feeding on each other and growing stronger and darker and louder. Yet they aren’t shouting. That would be wasted energy. They whisper. Inept. Incapable.  Inadequate.  Incompetent.  Inferior. And the whispers echo everywhere.Continue reading “Believing lies. Knowing Truth.”